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Seed Cleanser and Medicator - [Product Code : BTT]

BTT2T Wheat and Barley Seed Cleaner and Sorter
It cleans and sorts wheat and barley for seed processing.
  Removes unwanted seeds and particules while processing
  Capacity is 1.5 - 2 ton/h
BASAY Tohum Temizleme
Tohum Temizleme
NEW ModelB Vetch Seed Cleaner and Sorter - Product Code: BTT2T2
Designed for Vetch.
Basay ModelB Wheat and Barley Seed Cleaner and Sorter
Wheat and Barley Seed Cleaner and Sorter with XL Fan - MODEL: BTT1TF
  • Capacity is 1 ton/h
  • Built in powder medicator.
  • Product enters with XL Fan system, no mechanical movement.
  • Heavy particules sorted out from the beginning on intake.
  • XL Fan helps to remove most of the dust an light-weight particules.
  • It has double indented cylionder.
  • 5 m (lenght) x 2.8 m (width) x 3.3 m (height)
  • Total power required 8.25 kw / hour.
  • Total 9 exits
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