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BAŞAY is the #1 Manufacturer of Stone Mills and related Machineries in Turkey.

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  • Örnek Tam Buğday Unu

General Specifications

  • Ideal for making Whole Wheat Flour, Maize/Corn Flour, Bran Flour, Oat Flour, etc...
  • Flour is produced from grain in one step, no extra milling or sifting required.
  • Stones are manufactured by us. Başay Desa R&D created the best formula for stones in 1979 by mixing MgO - Emery Stones.
  • Stainless steell stone cover improves the mill lifetime.
  • Crane is included for easy lifring stones.
  • Two type of flour exit is standard. One for air suction one for bagging.
  • Intake is 250kg.
  • One pair of Başay Desa 120cm Stone (1.5 ton) is included.

Mill Usage Scope

  • Flour Production,
  • Bulgur Production,
  • Feed Production
Makina Tecnical Specifications
Size Height 220 cm x Width 150 cm x Dept 150 cm
Power Required 22 kw/hour 380V
Weight 2500 kg
Cargo 4 Pallet
Capacity Average: 400-600 kg/hour wheat processing

Optional or Required Equipments necessary for operation

  • For grain intake Elevator or Screw Conveyor,
  • Magnet to remove metal from grains,
  • For flour transportation: Fan, Elevator or Screw Conveyor
  • Sifter to remove possible thick bran.
Machine can be used in the following plants or systems:
TDT Başay Desa Stone Flour Milling System TDT1


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