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BAŞAY is the #1 Manufacturer of Stone Mills and related Machineries in Turkey.

DVT2 Başay Desa Flour Milling System with Vertical Roller Mill, Cleaning, Light Washing, Drying and Sifting

Number II Flour Milling System - Wash & Dry
Washing and Drying System #2
Picture Machineries:
Elevator - Quantity is 4 or 3 (depends on chosing the first one as double or single)
Horizontal Washer (if water is not a problem in the area, Vertical Washer can be used)
Dryer and Peeler
Vals (4 Steel Cylinders to crush wheat and make flour)
Rocking Flour Sieve

Wheat Process Results:

800 kg/h - with two vals (max 2) 1600kg/h
70-80 % White flour
30-20 % Bran

Can produce 60% bright white flour.
Can remove and store 60% bran from wheat .
Total power consumption is around 52.5 KW / h.


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