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BAŞAY is the #1 Manufacturer of Stone Mills and related Machineries in Turkey.

General Machine Specifications

  • It is used for removing foreign materials from wheat.
  • Consumption of water to wash the wheat is less than vertical model (5-80 lt/h).
  • Debimeter adjust desired water flow.

Application Fields

  • Flour Product
  • Bulgur Production
  • Special Cleaning Purpose
Machine Tecnical Details
Ebatları A-) Height 100 cm B-) Width 150 cm C-) Depth 120 cm
Power Requirement 7,5 kw/h 380V
Weight 300 kg
Transportation 1 Pallet
Capacity Average Measured Capacity: 2000 kg/hour wheat processing

Optional Equipments/Machines

  • For intake Elevator or Screw Conveyor
  • Magnet for separating iron based metals/font>
  • For discharge Screw Conveyor


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